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Developers – Setup Service

We offer comprehensive services to developers and solicitors by establishing books and records of the strata scheme an provision of 109 certificates.

Result Property Group realises that developer’s needs are important and pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a the service to work with your needs. We offer professional advice regarding preregistration of your development, guidance in establishing a Strata Scheme as well as other documentation and procedures which will see you through from start to finish.

We understand that effective advice from the early planning stages through to registration ensures that issues are discussed in an open manner in order to formulate effective solutions.

A Director of Result Property Group Pty Limited will meet with you to arrange the following:


  • Planning assistance at conception stage
  • Realistic budgets for the first year
  • Insurance establishment
  • Arranging the calling of the Inaugural General Meeting
  • Sinking fund forecast coordination
  • Advise on common property issues

Registration of your strata scheme, Result Property Group Pty Limited will undertake the following


  • Arrange quotations from external suppliers
  • Establish books and records
  • Arrange of issuing of Certificates under Section 109 required for property settlements
  • Energy consulting services


  • Ongoing high level strata management services

Please contact Anthony Kioussis on:

Phone (02) 8669 8800 or Email